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How We Can Help

If you are:

  • registered blind or partially sighted,
  • otherwise visually impaired or
  • unable to read the printed newspaper through physical disability

and you want to keep up to date with the local news, then you can benefit from our weekly news tape. You'll also be able to enjoy our varied monthly magazine.

We distribute the talking newspaper on USB flash drives like the one shown below left. They are also known as “thumb drives” or “memory sticks” (not to be confused with the Sony Memory Stick™ which is a different form factor altogether).

We provide players for listeners who do not already have them and who do not have equipment which can play MP3 files from USB memory (e.g. fairly recent televisions, DVD players and DAB radios). The Sovereign player is shown below right.

USB Flash Drive   Sovereign player

If you have a computer or a Sonata Internet Radio (formerly known as Orion Web Box) and a broadband internet connection you can stream or download our weekly newscasts and monthly magazine. You do not need to register with us to listen online.

All you have to do is contact our Secretary:

Mrs Fay Poate (e-mail)
7 Whitchurch Close, Maidenhead, Berkshire. SL6 7TZ
01628 781870

or just ask a friend, relative, carer or social worker to contact us.


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