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Our recordings are available to download or stream on the Maidenhead Advertiser site. The M3U file is a playlist file which lists all the tracks on the Advertiser site. Please be aware that if there is a problem on the Advertiser site then the playlist on this site may not work.

Android: If you need an app to play our playlists try ServeStream. Others may be available.
Atari: no information.
iOS 10:The playlist should play automatically.
Linux: (including Debian, ubuntu, Fedora, etc.) - no information.
MacOS to 9.2: no information.
macOS 10 (OSX): the playlist should load into iTunes. Make sure you haven't got random selected.
RISC OS: for NetSurf save the playlist file to a storage device or RamDisc and run it from there. Oregano will play the playlist automatically. Use !Stream to control playback.
Unix: (including hpux, Solaris) - no information.
Windows 7: the playlist should play automatically in Windows Media Player.
Windows 10: We understand that Groove doesn't work but you can install Windows Media Player.
Tip: make sure the default application for M3U files is Windows Media Player, NOT Windows Media Center.
Windows XP, ME, Vista: no Confirmation but Windows Media Player should work,
We would like to hear from users of other operating systems if you are able to play our playlists. (e-mail)

Technical Information

Audio files are encoded to the MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (MP3) compression standard (ISO/IEC 11172-3:1993) and are about 40MB in length. They are not suitable for streaming over a dial-up connection. We use a bit rate of 64kbit/s and a sampling rate of 32kHz. An ID3 version 1 tag is written to all except the first few programmes. All programmes are monaural.

Prior to June 2012, because our primary means of distribution was cassette tape and we used cassette-to-cassette duplication, our programmes were recorded in analogue onto the master tape and subsequently transcribed to digital format.

From June 2012 all programmes have been recorded digitally in stereo with one track per news story or magazine item. The tracks are encoded to MP3 at 128kbps, 44.1kHz but do not have ID3 tags. A playlist (M3U) file is provided on the web site for each edition. The programmes are distributed to most listeners on USB flash drives.

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