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Pat Davey

Pat Davey

We are very sad to record the death of our Life President and former Chairman, Pat Davey. There is an obituary in the Maidenhead Advertiser for 15th January, which is read on the Talking Newspaper. Pat died peacefully on the morning of 6th January at Sunrise of Sonning Residential Home where she had lived for the last 18 months. The funeral will be at noon on 30th January at Marlow Cemetery.

Gloria Fraser

We were sad to hear that founding member of the association, Gloria Fraser, lost her battle with cancer on April 16th A few words about her long association with the Talking Newspaper were recorded on the 18th April edition.

Three Supports Talking Newspaper Uploads

We are delighted to acknowledge the assistance of Hutchison 3G (UK) Limited (“Three”) in providing mobile broadband facilities which will enable us to upload the talking newspaper to the web server immediately after recording. Three’s Community Network Project helps people discover the benefits of new mobile by giving out connections to charities and organisations to support their activities.

Advertiser storyClaires Court Does Us Proud!

Four pupils from Claires Court School formed the reading team for the June 14th Edition. 15- and 16-year-olds Ben Westwood, George Saunders, Ben Rodman and Charlie Perkins took turns reading articles from the Maidenhead Advertiser under the watchful eye of their teacher, Richard Hogg, who also had a go at reading towards the end. MDTNA’s Ed Filmore was the editor and presenter. The boys, two of whom are currently taking their GCSE exams, have an interest in public speaking. Click the thumbnail (right) for a larger image of the Advertiser’s coverage.

Mayor supports Maidenhead TN

We are delighted that the Mayor of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (2011-12), Cllr. Asghar Majeed has maid a donation of £500 to the Association as part of the proceeds from the Charity Ball held on May 4th. The Ball raised over £8000 which has been shared among a number of charities.

Going Digital

Maidenhead TN has gone to full digital recording and distribution as from the 31st May 2012 edition. We are now sending out recordings in MP3 format on USB flash drives. Players have been sent out to listeners who require them. The April and May 2012 Magazines were recorded digitally.

The last cassettes went out on Saturday May 26th. The new format will give much better sound plus the convenience of being able to step forwards and backwards through the stories. We have received favourable responses from listeners who have the new players.

Maidenhead TN is also available on Sonata, the internet radio service provided by the British Wireless for the Blind Fund.
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