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This site is written in straightforward html so as to be compatible with all browsers including those for visually impaired people. Pages are generally validated to the HTML 4.1 Transitional standard. You do not need a specific version of Internet Explorer or Firefox, or other software which might not be available for your platform.

Frames are not used and any scripting (JavaScript) will have adequate 'noscript' sections. It is essential that the site renders and behaves correctly on browsers which do not support graphics, cascading style sheets or JavaScript, or which have those facilities disabled. Consequently if any of those features is used the page must degrade gracefully.

We do not set cookies on your computer.

This site will not override the user's default typeface and font size. If a visually impaired user sets a large font as default for his browser then it will be used. Relative font sizes have been used in a few places.

The site is hosted on a Linux server running Apache. It is maintained on an ARMX6 computer running RISC OS 5.25, and uploaded to Eukhost’s server using !SiteMatch.

If you have any problems interpretting or displaying pages on this site please see the contact us page or send an e-mail message to the webmaster at

Richard Porter


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