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Some photos which have appeared on our home page.

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Maidenhead Bridge Winter (far left) Maidenhead Bridge, from our original home page design. An original photo with some filtering applied.
(left) Winter in Maidenhead. A swolen River Thames looking south from Maidenhead Bridge towards the railway bridge during the winter of 2000. Maidenhead Rowing Club's boathouse can be seen on the left.

Maidenhead Clock Tower, seen from Station Approach on a summer evening in 2004, and from the other side on 12th March 2005.

clock tower clock tower
memorial Queen Vic Maidenhead Clock Tower - (far left) foundation stone and drinking fountain. Sadly the latter is no longer operational. The foundation stone was laid on 7th November, 1899.
(left) memorial to Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee.
Sounding Arch Plaque "The Sounding Arch" - Brunel's railway bridge over the Thames at Maidenhead has the widest and flattest brick spans in the world. Maidenhead road bridge can be seen beyond. The plaque was put up in European Architectural Heritage Year, 1975.
The Boy with the Boat Rotary Centenary Signboard (far left) "The Boy with the Boat" - Lydia Karpinska's sculpture recently restored to its plinth at the top of King Street after having been knocked down by a drunken yob.

(left) One of the sign boards erected at Maidenhead's boundary by Maidenhead Rotary Club to celebrate the centenary of Rotary International. This one is on the A308 at Furze Platt.

The Hippo, North Town Moor(left) The bronze hippo which used to be on North Town Moor, but was stolen for scrap in 2010.
21st Anniversary Cake (far left) The Association celebrated its 21st anniversary at the AGM on 18th September 2005 with a suitably decorated cake.
Queen's Award nomination certificate (left) This certificate was presented to the Association by the Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire at Windsor Guild Hall on March 16th, 2009.
Statue of Sir Nicholas Winton (far left) The sculpture of Maidenhead resident Sir Nicholas Winton on platform 2/3 at Maidenhead Station.
fountain outside Maidenhead Library   (far left) The fountain outside Maidenhead Library with the Town Hall in the background.

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